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Meaningful, inspiring tools to succeed in the future of work.

John Winsor delivers an inspiring, engaging message as a global keynote speaker, panelist, and panel moderator. John pairs his expertise and insights as a successful entrepreneur and future-forward thinker with real and raw life experiences that lock-down the attention of audience members, leaving them with meaningful, tangible tools to move forward toward a better future.

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John’s Speaking Topics

John’s speeches cover the problems and solutions associated with transforming your organization and leveraging a global workforce. However, upon scheduling, John will work with your leadership to ensure his presentation meets your needs and audience. Typical topics include:

Topic 01

AI and The Future of Work

The convergence of AI and the future of talent will redefine the way we approach work, unleashing untapped potential and fostering unprecedented collaboration. As AI continues to augment our capabilities, it becomes crucial for individuals and organizations to embrace a mindset of adaptability and lifelong learning to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape. By harnessing the transformative power of AI, we can collectively unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and create a more resilient and inclusive global workforce.

Topic 02

The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has ignited a global awakening, challenging the traditional constructs of work and driving people to reimagine their careers. As we navigate this seismic shift, it’s imperative to recognize the potential of open talent, collaboration, and decentralization in creating a more fulfilling and sustainable future. Embracing these transformative ideas will be instrumental in shaping the next chapter of work and ensuring that the Great Resignation serves as a catalyst for positive change.

Topic 03

The Battle for Talent

The ongoing battle for talent has intensified in recent years, forcing organizations to reevaluate their strategies and embrace new paradigms for attracting and retaining top talent. In this hypercompetitive landscape, fostering a culture of openness, collaboration, and adaptability will be key to winning the hearts and minds of skilled professionals. By leveraging the power of open talent ecosystems and prioritizing employee well-being, companies can stay ahead in the talent race and secure a prosperous future in an ever-changing world.

Topic 04

Power of the Crowd

The power of the crowd represents a transformative force in the world of work, enabling organizations to tap into diverse perspectives, knowledge, and skills beyond their immediate sphere. By harnessing this collective intelligence, we can unlock unprecedented levels of innovation, problem-solving, and adaptability in the face of complex challenges. Embracing the crowd’s potential paves the way for a more connected, inclusive, and resilient future, where collaboration transcends boundaries and fuels our shared progress.

Topic 05

Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s rapidly evolving world, as companies must continually adapt to stay relevant and competitive. This metamorphosis requires a holistic approach that embraces not only technological advancements but also fosters cultural shifts, empowering employees and nurturing collaboration. By placing people at the heart of transformation, we can cultivate an environment of continuous learning and innovation, driving organizations toward sustainable success in an ever-changing landscape.

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Global Thought Leader

With his unique insights, JW can help you gain the motivation and inspiration to reach your goals and dreams faster. His thought-provoking insights will help your team develop a better understanding of open talent and how to capitalize on it. He can show you how to craft a culture of open talent to create an innovative, energized workforce.

Renowned Entrepreneur

JW has a wealth of knowledge and strategies that he has used to become a successful entrepreneur building businesses using open talent. He can teach you how to think differently and make better decisions. As an experienced entrepreneur, he can offer valuable insight into how to leverage open talent to create a competitive advantage.

Proven Track Record

JW has extensive experience in open talent, having worked with some of the most successful companies to create innovative strategies. He can provide invaluable advice on how to build and implement your own talent strategy. He can help you develop an actionable plan to attract and retain the best talent, regardless of geographic boundaries.

Master Storyteller

JW is an engaging and entertaining speaker that will keep your audience engaged and wanting more. If you’re looking for an inspiring and informative speaker, JW has a knack for connecting with his audience and will deliver a powerful message on how to make your dreams a reality.

Subject Matter Expert

JW is an incredible example of perseverance and determination. His vast knowledge of and experience within the open talent landscape is unparalleled and makes him an ideal speaker for any company looking to get ahead in this challenging market.

Tools of the Trade

JW will provide the necessary tools and guidance to help your team successfully leverage open talent to increase productivity, reduce costs and drive innovation by sharing inspiring stories of successful open talent collaborations and the rewards they have yielded.

Contagious Energy & Enthusiasm

JW’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He will provide practical advice and direction on how to best leverage open talent to help your business break through your glass ceiling and take action towards achieving your goals. Get inspired by John’s unique perspective and demeanor.

Openness & Inclusion

JW has a unique ability to create an atmosphere of belonging and an environment of trust and collaboration for colleagues to work together to create a culture that is welcoming to all people, where everyone is valued and respected.

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