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Global Innovation Advisor

John is the world's authority on helping companies become Networked Organizations and implement open talent solutions to create a workforce ecosystem. He helps organizations from Harvard University, T-Mobile, NASA, Deloitte, Wellmark and (who else?) drive innovation in their talent and network strategies. John pulls from an alchemy of a successful entrepreneur with the experience of the work he does at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard. He acts as an advisor, coach and consultant to companies that are struggling to overcome the latest economic disruption caused by the pandemic by creating a light and fast strategy and create more flexibility by rearchitecting organizational structures that convert fixed cost talent to variable cost options.

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Karim Lakhani and John Winsor
Harvard Professor Karim Lakhani with John Winsor at an event sponsored by the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH).

John Winsor recognizes that the world is changing. Cut-throat competition bows to platform-based collaboration. Co-creation is edging out the C-suite in solving problems and innovating new ways to get work done. He's discovered that every human being is more fulfilled through contribution than mere consumption.

Eric Swanson
Director, Leadership Network
John Winsor
John Winsor keynotes StartCon 2019.

Global Keynote Speaker

John Winsor delivers an inspiring, engaging message as a global keynote speaker, panelist, and panel moderator. John pairs his expertise and insights as a successful entrepreneur and future-forward thinker with real and raw life experiences that lock-down the attention of audience members, leaving them with meaningful, tangible tools to move forward toward a better future. John regularly speaks about issues related to the future of work, cultural disruption and organizational transformation.

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Getting to know John has been a true delight. He is a master storyteller who can hold the silent attention of a room, a global thought leaders on the gig economy, but most importantly a true gentleman and kind soul.

Lana Vickridge-Smith

Inspiring Trailblazer

John Winsor is an entrepreneur, thought-leader and global authority on the future of work. John is currently the Executive-In-Residence at Harvard Business School’s Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) and Founder and CEO of Open Assembly. Among many firsts, John founded Victors & Spoils in 2009, the world’s first ad agency that sourced from the crowd.

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